We believe the Bible is God’s Word, vibrantly speaking to us by the power of His Spirit. Because of this, preaching, the declaration of God’s Word for all people, has a central role at FBC Oloh. We value expository preaching, letting the Bible speak for itself. When we come to the text, the most important question we can ask is “What is God telling us in this passage?” Sermons at Oloh normally walk through a text, drawing out truth, implications, and applications for each of us.

Another value in our preaching is the Gospel. Pastor Andy often reminds us that the whole of Scripture is about Jesus, whether through forshadowing, fulfillment, or direct revelation. Our hope is to point to Jesus every time we open the Bible. While Pastor Andy preaches during most services, we also have the opportunity to hear messages from our other pastors and men in our congregation who are gifted to teach. Recent messages are available on the Media page or at